Taking care of the mind & body is an important element in our health and wellness. Take Care: Holistic Health & Wellness acknowledges the many areas of our lives and relationships that contribute to a healthy sense of self and being in the world. Modern life has many of us rushing from point A to point B and so on, without much time to stop and smell the roses. Stress takes form in a variety of symptoms, be they physical discomforts, mental disturbances or sleeping problems (too much or too little). On top of our daily routines, we may be struggling with family issues, personal conflict or financial difficulties (to name a few). Learning to balance and take time to deal with our challenges may not seem like an option when we are required to be on our toes at work, taking care of our families at home and catching a few zzz’s in between.

Take Time :

Giving yourself just 30 minutes a day to do something that allows you to decompress, relax and reconnect with your Self and your needs can be a helpful practice.Knowing what you need and how to meet those needs can be an empowering tool to help you maintain balance and an important connection with your Self.

Take Care :

At Take Care: Holistic Health & Wellness, I strive to help you enhance that important sense of reconnection by offering a variety  of Holistic Health & Wellness modalities designed to help you unwind & meet your specific needs.


“Take Care: Holistic Health & Wellness is about finding balance for ourselves in relation to the world we live in. Learning to take time to take care of ourselves allows us to meet our needs so that we are better able to meet the needs of our families, jobs and communities.”